G7 foreign ministers’ summit opposes Russia’s behavior: US official..

Foreign ministers from the Group of Seven (G7) met in Toronto for two days and discussed tensions with Moscow, Iran and North Korea, while also addressing political problems in Venezuela and Myanmar.

G7 foreign ministers summit opposes Russias behavior US

2018-04-23 13:21:21 by Sandra Collins

Surat rape-murder case: Three detained, police say girl’s mother also dead..

The police have also initiated a probe to ascertain if the body of a woman, which was found in the same locality in the same period, was that of the girl’s mother.

Surat rapemurder case Three detained police say girls mother also

2018-04-21 11:47:13 by Sandra Collins

6-year-old raped when she went out to see a wedding procession in UP..

According to reports, a 6-year-old girl, who went out of her home to watch a wedding procession in Siddharthnagar in Uttar Pradesh was raped by an unidentified...

2018-04-20 13:01:48 by Sandra Collins

It's true that we live in a society, where everyone live for the society, but not really for the society.. Its true that we live in a society where everyone live for the society but not really for the

2018-04-21 15:20:01 by Sandra Collins

Hundreds of old shoes being hung up in a tree. A sight in ON, Canada.. Hundreds of old shoes being hung up in a A sight in ON

2018-04-20 20:10:01 by Sandra Collins

One dead after Southwest jet’s engine explodes; woman nearly sucked out..

In a recording of conversations between the cockpit and air traffic controllers, an unidentified crew member reported that there was a hole in the plane and "someone went out.'' Talking about the dead woman, another passenger said, "From her waist above, she was outside of the plane.''

One dead after Southwest jets engine explodes woman nearly sucked

2018-04-18 15:13:01 by Sandra Collins

Sunny Leone tweets to protect her daughter even at cost of her life..

Many prominent personalities publicly expressed their outrage against the recent Unnao and Kathua rape cases, Recently, actress Sunny Leone took to Twitter and ...

2018-04-17 11:45:42 by Sandra Collins

Disgraceful: Kathua rape victim becomes most searched on porn site...

In what can be construed as a shameful act, angry social media users posted pictures of an unidentified porn site, in which the Kathua rape victim's name co...

2018-04-17 11:58:33 by Sandra Collins

2018 Pulitzer Prize: The Washington Post awarded for Roy Moore investigation, reporting on Russian interference...

2018 Pulitzer Prize: Also, the newspaper's reporter John Woodrow Cox was the 2018 Pulitzer Prize finalist for feature writing, and non-fiction book critic Carlos Lozada ended up being Pulitzer Prize finalist for criticism.

2018 Pulitzer Prize The Washington Post awarded for Roy Moore investigation reporting on Russian

2018-04-17 11:40:39 by Sandra Collins
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