Sculpture Sculpture

2015-04-10 11:14:28 by Sanju

முதன் முதலில் நம்மை நாமே சார்ந்து
எதிர் கொள்ளும்போது
மகிழ்ச்சிக்கு மாறாகத் துக்கமே ஏற்படுகிறது.
விரக்தி மேலிடுகிறது.

ஆனால் நம் முயற்சியைக் கைவிடாமல் இருந்தால்,
மெல்ல மெல்ல ஆனந்தம் நம்மிடையே மலருகிறது.
அதற்கு மாறாக அடுத்தவரை
முதலில் நீங்கள் சார்ந்து நின்றால்
ஆரம்பத்தில் மகிழ்ச்சி தோன்றலாம்.
ஆனால் முடிவில் நீங்கள் துக்கத்தைத்தான்
சந்திக்க வேண்டி வரும்

--- ஓஷோ ---

2015-04-10 10:56:10 by karthi

Choose Beautiful | Doves Beautiful ad for beautiful women

Would you describe yourself as beautiful? and the power of this choice is in your hands…

Doves beautiful women video...

2015-04-10 10:01:29 by Harini

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Official Teaser

How far are you willing to go?

Call of Duty: Black Ops III Official Teaser

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2015-04-10 08:40:55 by Sandra Collins

JURASSIC WORLD They're Alive (2015) Extended Movie Clip - Chris Pratt Sci-Fi Mo

Jurassic World Extended Movie Clip - They're Alive (2015) Chris Pratt Sci-Fi Movie HD

2015-04-10 08:39:05 by Sharon

Put your baby to sleep in ONE MINUTE

Interesting viral video of how to put a baby to sleep in one minute. Just try and share your experience..

2015-04-10 08:38:17 by Rajesh Kumar

Life is short,
BREAK the Rules,
FORGIVE Quickly,
KISS Slowly
LOVE Truly,
LAUGH Uncontrollably,

Don't sweat the small stuff,
You are who you are meant to be,
Dance as if no one's watching,
Love as if it's all you know,
Dream as if you'll live forever,
Live as if you'll die today

- James Dean Life is short BREAK the RulesFORGIVE Quickly KISS SlowlyLOVE Truly LAUGH UncontrollablyAnd NEVER REGRET ANYTHING THAT MAKES YOU Dont sweat the small stuffYou are who you are meant to beDance as if no ones watchingLove as if its all you knowDream as if youll live foreverLive as if youll die today James Dean

2015-04-09 18:54:44 by Rajesh Kumar

I Miss You Badly

I Miss You Badly

Do you miss your girlfriend? Send this greetings and show how much her absence kills you..

2015-04-09 16:49:24 by yamuna
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