Know about "The Beast" Obama's Car

2015-01-26 10:19:37 by Rajesh Kumar

Vadivel Obama Vadivel Obama

2015-01-26 10:05:32 by Rajesh Kumar

Modi Obama Hug | Sweet welcome for obama Modi Obama Hug  Sweet welcome for obama

2015-01-26 10:02:29 by Rajesh Kumar

Never seen before historic snow storm to hit Northeastern U.S. | could dump three feet of snow

The National Weather Service said the massive storm would bring heavy snow, powerful winds and widespread coastal flooding starting Monday

2015-01-26 09:45:23 by Rajesh Kumar

US President Barack Obama to be Chief Guest at Indian Republic Day Celebration

It's raining in Delhi, where US President Barack Obama will be chief guest this morning at the Republic Day parade. The overcast skies had caused some worry initially that the armed forces flypast, a highlight of the Republic Day parade, might have to be cancelled. But the Indian Air Force has clarified that the flypast will take place.

US President Barack Obama to be Chief Guest at Indian Republic Day Celebration

2015-01-26 09:41:25 by Rajesh Kumar

What is infinity Loop??
The boss calls his secretary & says:"Get ready for d weekend, We r going on a business trip."

The secretary calls husband & says:"Me & my boss r going on a business trip for 2 days so takecare of urself"

The husband calls his girlfriend & says:"My wife is going on a business trip come home we can have fun"

The girlfriend calls the boy to whom she gives tuition: "No tuition this weekend."

The boy calls his father:"Dad, at last we can spend this weekend together."

Dad (The boss) calls his secretary & says:"Business trip is cancelled.I'm going to spend weekend with my son"

The secretary calls husband:"I won't be going"

The husband calls his girlfriend:"I am sorry My wife is not going "

The girlfriend calls boy:"You have tuition"

Boy calls his father & says:"Sorry Dad, I've classes"

The Dad calls his secretary....

2015-01-26 09:38:27 by Sanju

wife jokes in Tamil and English (மகளிர் மன்னிக்கவும்..)..
One monkey crossed the road.
Wife: என்னங்க... உங்க சொந்தக்காரங்க யாரோ போற மாதிரி இருக்கு...
Husband: என்னம்மா... என்னோட மாமனாரை எனக்குத் தெரியாதா?...
Wife: ஙே...


Wife looked in mirror and said to her husband:
"I look horrible, fat and ugly... Please say something nice on me."
Husband: "Your eyesight is perfect."
Wife: ??!??...


Husband: Dear இன்னிக்கு ஒரு கறுப்பு நாய்க்கு சோறு வச்சியா?...
Wife: ஆமாங்க. எப்படி கண்டு பிடிச்சிங்க?...
Husband: தெருவோரமா செத்துக் கிடந்துச்சு. அதான் கேட்டேன்.
Wife: ????


Wife hinted to Husband for a new car saying, “Dear... buy me something that goes from 0 to 80 in 3 Seconds when I am on it.”
Husband gifted her a weighing machine.


Wife: Dear, this computer is not working as per my command.
Husband: Darling, that is computer, not husband.


Husband: டீயா இது... நாய் கூட குடிக்காது.
Wife: அது தாங்க... நாய்க்கு தனியா Boost போட்டு வச்சிருக்கேன்.
Husband : ??!!??...


Husband: என்னடி... இவ்வளவு வெயிட்டா Saree வாங்கியிருக்க?...
Wife: கட்டிக்கப் போறது நான். உங்களுக்கென்ன?
Husband: சனியனே... கட்டிக்கப் போறது நீ தான். துவைக்கப் போறது நான்டீ...


Wife: உங்களுக்கு ராணின்னு ஏற்கனவே ஒரு வொய்ஃப் இருக்குன்னு ஏன் சொல்லல?
Husband: சொல்லலையா?... உன்ன ராணி மாதிரி வச்சுப்பேன்னு அன்னிக்கே சொன்னனே...

2015-01-26 09:37:54 by Sanju
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