How to Earn Money from Tufing App?

Click on the link to Download Tufing App.
After installing app follow the steps given below
Step 1 - Click on the Share tab
Step 2 - Upload your images/videos/messages which you want to share. Give description about it and click "Submit" button.
Add Tuf  - Share More Earn More

Step 3 - You will receive an alert message as "Post successful". Your tuf will be added in the site and you will earn points for each tuf.

You can check your points in "My Points" link.

Tufing Points
You can claim your money by using Claim Money option.

Note - For desktop users - Your points will be counted even when you share tufs via website.

Share More Earn More from Tufing App

Share more tufs via tufing app and earn money for each tufs.