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In the recent years, the social media has played a vital role in spreading news and messages of political and social importance across the internet users of the globe. The social media is a boon to the internet society as well as the rural people to know the world as it is. Here are some of the most important social messages that should be read and shared.

These messages create a social awareness among the people and make them realize the faults in the society and make them think on the ways to overcome these difficulties in the society. Read through these messages and you could know of the need for us to act on social wellbeing. You could also share your posts to make the world see and realize it. Also you could share your comments by clicking the comments button.


யாரையும் ஆளை வைத்து எடை போட்டுவிடாதீர்கள்.

இங்கே பாருங்கள் இவர் எப்படி இருக்கிறார்.

ஆனால் அவர் வரைந்த அற்புதமான சுவர் ஓவியத்தை பாருங்கள் . இவர் பாராட்டப்பட வேண்டியவர்.

2015-05-27 13:10:01 by Agnes Natalia

Donate Eyes... Donate

2015-05-23 23:10:01 by Krishna Kumar

Heart Breaking: Stents imported for Rs 25,000 sold for Rs 1.55 lakh

Heart patients in the state, including in Mumbai, pay 700% more than the import cost for stents, revealed the first-ever cost survey by the Food and Drug Administration

Heart Breaking Stents imported for Rs 25000 sold for Rs lakh

2015-05-20 14:01:40 by Rajesh Kumar


2015-05-17 05:40:01 by Kurt Sherwood

Share for awareness.. Share for

2015-04-29 11:39:04 by Sanju

(must read for every citizen of India)
If you cross the "The North Korean" border
you get 12 years hard labor in an isolated
prison .....
If you cross the "Afghan" border illegally,
you get..... shot!
If you cross the "Saudi Arabian" border
you get..... jailed.
If you cross the "Chinese" border illegally,
you get..... kidnapped and may be never
heard of again.
If you cross the "Cuban" border illegally,
you get..... thrown into a political prison to
If you cross the "British" border illegally,
you get..... arrested, prosecuted, sent to
prison and be deported after serving your
Now .....
if you were to cross the "Indian" border
you get .....
1. A Ration Card
2. A passport (even more than one - if you are a bit smart! )
3. A driver's license
4. A voter identity card
5. Credit cards
6. Government housing on subsidized rent
7. Loan to buy a house
8. Free education
9. Free health care
10. And of-course.....
voting rights to elect corrupt politicians!..

SHAME / DISGRACE on corrupt and selfish politicians. plz pass this msg to reach 121 cr people.

2015-04-28 08:59:20 by Sanju

Even those who protect you protect their heads...
protect yours...

2015-04-20 11:57:01 by Sanju

Superb Msg... Do read!!!

When somebody told me that he has failed in his exams, my question is, "Is it a law that you will pass everytime?"

When someone told me that my boyfriend broke up with me, my question is, "Is it a rule that you will have successful relationships everywhere?"

When somebody asked me why am I in depression, my question is, "Is it compulsory to have confidence all the time?"

When someone cried to me about his huge business loss due to his wrong decision, my question is, "Is it possible that you take all right decisions?"

The fact is our expectation that life has to be perfect/permanent is the biggest reason of our unhappiness.

One has to understand the law of impermanence of nature.

After each sunny day, there has to be a dark night, after each birth there have to be certain deaths, for the full moon to come again it has to pass through no moon. In this imperfection of nature, there is perfection.

So stop taking your failures and bad part of your life soooo personally or intensely, even God does not like to give you pain but its the cycle through which you have to pass. Prepare yourself for one more fight after each fall because even failures cannot be permanent...!

Enjoy life....

Your breath comes to go.
Your thoughts come to go.
Your words come to go.
Your actions come to go.
Your feelings come to go.
Your illnesses come to go.
Your phases come to go.
Your seasons come to go.
You have come to go.

Then why do you hold on to your guilt, anger, unforgiveness, hatred
so so so tightly,
when it too has come to go...
Let it go ...l

2015-04-08 20:27:48 by Sanju

Ban on use of plastic Ban on use of plastic

2015-04-08 11:16:53 by Sanju

five ways you can save your babys

five ways you can save your baby's life...

2015-03-31 18:58:47 by Sanju
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