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Top 10 Friendship Quotes With Images

1. A Real Friend Cares Like A Mom, Scolds Like A Dad, Teases Like A Sister, Irritates Like A Brother and Loves More Than A Lover

2. The Best Part of Life is When Your Family Becomes Friends and Friends Become Family.

3. Sometimes Your Best Friend Understands You Better Than You Understand Yourself

4. Best Friends Never Have The Same Nature, They Just Have The Best Understanding Of Their Differences

5. A Best Friend is the one who You can Tell Everything to when no one else wants to Listen

6. Love Care And Friendship Quote:Love + Care = Mom, Love + Fear = Dad, Love + Help = Sister Love + Fight = Brother, Love + Care + Fear + Help + Fight + Life = FRIEND

7. Friendship is The Candle That Lights Up Your Heart Whenever It is Dark Outside

8. The Best Way To Stay Close To Anyone is By Being Just Friend. Nothing More and Nothing Less.

9. Friendship With Oneself is All-important, Because Without It One Cannot Be Friends With Anyone Else In The World.

10. Every Friendship Doesn't Change Into Love But Every Love Begins With Friendship. Top 10 Friendship Quotes With Images

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Funny Friends Quotes | Best Friendship Quotes

1. You Think I'm Crazy? You Should See Me With My Best Friend

2. True Friendship Is When You Walk Into Their House And Your WiFi Connects Automatically

3. If All Of My Friends Jumped Off Of A Bridge, I Wouldn’t Jump With Them- I’d Be At The Bottom Waiting To Catch Them

4. Me And My Best Friend Can Communicate Just With Face Expressions

5. I Love My Crazy, Goofy, Stupid, Gorgeous, Weird Friends Funny Friends Quotes  Best Friendship Quotes

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Friendship Quotes For Whatsapp Status

1. A True Friend Is Someone Who Accepts Your Past, Supports Your Present And Encourages Your Future

2. Hold A True Friend And Don't Let Go For A True Friend Comes Once In A Lifetime

3. A True Friend Will Join You Through Mountains And Valleys, Just To Share The Experience

4. No One Can Be Friends After Being Lovers But If They Are Friends Again After Being Lovers They Are The Best Friends In The World

5. A True Friend Is Happy For Your Success, While A False Friend Is Threatened By Your Happiness And Competes With You Friendship Quotes For Whatsapp Status

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