I'm surprised the haters who spend time,downloading the film and creating memes,couldn't find this.

Plot of white wheels:

Idris elba is a black American working in Ford Motor Corporation in 1958 in Michigan.Ford,back then,hired almost 20,000 black people,the highest for any company at that time.But,it paid the whites more than the blacks for the same labour.Elba organises a worker revolution and demands for equal pay which they eventually get.At the same point of time,the thriving Sicilian mafia,led by Jack Rocco,uses unemployed black kids to do their gang's dirty job and dump them when they don't need them anymore.Around the same time,Shalom Y,an American human rights activist,becomes famous and Elba,inspired by him starts a gang of his own,consisting of black people and opposes the strong and racist Sicilian Mafia.Just when he is on his way to become a big power,his opponents kill Shalom Y and the cops arrest Elba for the murder in 1965.After spending 28 years in Jail,Elba returns only to see black people treated badly in a city,which was built with their blood.He vows to take down the Sicilian Mafia and is racing against time as he doesn't have much time to live and also with his people still thinking he had killed,Shalom Y.This is the plot of that film.
Apdi soluven nu nenacheengala.
Not really,THIS IS SOMETHING I MADE UP FROM KABALI,ONLY.If this was made in Hollywood,I know how
these haters would've praised the film for it's timely statement on Racism and overlooked the flaws for the bigger impact it has.
இக்கரைக்கு அக்கரை பச்சை தான் நமக்கு எப்பவுமே.

2016-07-24 18:20:17 by Sanju


Kabali Movie..

2016-07-24 17:05:48 by harishankar_710

Kabali movie

Kabali movie fun..

2016-07-24 07:39:15 by harishankar_710

Kabali Movie Meme

Kabali Movie Meme

2016-07-24 07:34:45 by harishankar_710

Rajinikanth and

Rajinikanth and Salmankhan...

2016-07-23 15:04:04 by Sanju
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