Divya Sathyaraj : Sathyaraj's daughter writes an open letter to the PM

2017-07-18 17:19:09 by Krishna Kumar

Arrest warrants against Tamil actors Suriya, Sathyaraj, Vivek, Sri Priya and Few

Arrest warrants against Tamil actors Suriya Sathyaraj Vivek Sri Priya and Few

An arrest warrant has been issued against Tamil actors Suriya, Sathyaraj, Vijay Kumar, Arun Vijay, Vivekh, Sri Priya, Sarath Kumar and Cheran, in connection with missing the recent court hearing related to a defamation case filed against them for their alleged derogatory comments against journalists. In 2009, when actor Bhuvaneshwari was arrested on prostitution charges by the Tamil Nadu police, she had revealed names of other actors who were involved in the racket. Several reports were written based on Bhuvaneshwari’s statement and it had irked some members of Tamil filmdom.

Following extensive media coverage on Bhuvaneshwari’s statement, while tarnishing the image of few actors, the aforementioned eight stars insulted journalists who wrote the article in a Nadigar Sangam meeting. Following upsetting remarks made by these actors, journalist Rozario Mariya Susai filed a private complaint against the eight actors. The court case was heard at the Ooty court, in the absence of the eight actors. Since this was the second occasion on which the actors had failed to appear before the case, a warrant was issued.

None of the actors were available for comment. However, sources close to a few actors said that now they will fight the case in court.

2017-05-24 10:50:54 by Agnes Natalia

Cauvery Water Dispute : Baahubali 2 ban in Karnataka Over Kattappa's Comments

Cauvery Water Dispute  Baahubali 2 ban in Karnataka Over Kattappas Comments

The Baahubali Conclusion is ready for release and many pro-Kannada organisations have started demanding an apology from actor Sathyaraj, who plays the key role of Kattapa in the film, for some controversial remarks he made several years ago.

“It is a sad thing and we were shocked to see that on social media,” Rajamouli told India Today channel. “I worked with Sathyaraj for almost five years and I could have never ever imagined he is a person who could try to hurt someone. Some videos were posted on the internet. When we started inquiring, we learned that whatever comments Mr Sathyaraj made it was nine years back. And after that, about 30 films of his were released in Karnataka. Baahubali 1 released. No one had problems with that. And suddenly, raking up the issue at this point in time is not right,” he added.

He also suggested stopping the screening of the film will not affect Sathyaraj in any way. “He (Sathyaraj) is not the director of the film. He is not the writer or producer or the hero. He is just a supporting actor. He acted in the film and took his remuneration and went away. So whatever people do against Baahubali 2 will not affect him in any manner. It is sad. I think people will understand the issue and it will be resolved,” he said.

2017-04-17 10:21:22 by Kurt Sherwood

True that Sathyaraj

True that!

2016-02-02 08:38:27 by yamuna
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