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Videos are the visually appealing tool for knowing the new discoveries, current activities, real incidents and every little thing happening around the world in the digitalized format. It is best medium to gain knowledge and updates about the latest news, informations, technology etc., On the other side it stood to serve as a best entertainment tool. Get here the awesome and stunning collections of different funny, animated, informative, rare, shocking and current videos from time to time.


Facebook plans pilot test for offline videos from 11 July..

Facebook plans pilot test for offline videos from 11

In May, we heard about how Facebook plans to take on YouTube with music videos, and now plans to bring offline video viewing ability to users. According some reports floating online, the social giant plans a pilot testing in order to introduce video...

2016-07-07 10:02:01 by Li Xia

How to make Water Bracelets

Here is an interesting video about how to make water bracelets. You can make the colorful bracelets by your own by checking the step by step simple tutorial

2016-06-08 10:38:18 by darathi

Trisha's first attempt to sing - film Nayagi - Bayam Song

Trisha makes her singing debut by singing for her upcoming film Nayagi composed by Raghu Kunche.

2016-04-13 17:05:11 by Sanju

Watch This Video!

2016-01-30 10:00:42 by Arun

Mellisai Official First Look Teaser | Vijay Sethupathi | Gayathrie | Ranjit Jeyakodi | Sam.C.S - YouTube

Mellisai is an Tamil film directed by Ranjit Jeyakodi and produced under Rebel Studio Productions. Vijay Sethupathi and Gayathrie feature in the leading role...

2015-12-19 14:25:14 by Arun

Rain update and forecast for Chennai and Tamil Nadu: 02 December, 2015 - YouTube

Rain-ravaged Chennai will remain cut off from rest of the world till 6 am on Thursday. Flooded runways have forced authorities to cancel all the flights. Sev...

2015-12-02 16:33:39 by Nithiya
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