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Videos are the visually appealing tool for knowing the new discoveries, current activities, real incidents and every little thing happening around the world in the digitalized format. It is best medium to gain knowledge and updates about the latest news, informations, technology etc., On the other side it stood to serve as a best entertainment tool. Get here the awesome and stunning collections of different funny, animated, informative, rare, shocking and current videos from time to time.


2015-02-06 05:56:56 by Naveenk218

vandae mataram by Tanya Wells

2015-01-29 02:16:18 by Francis

Hand Drawing video

2015-01-28 02:02:28 by Saravanan

Kamal Kavithai about god.flv - YouTube

kadavulai parriya kamalin paarvai kavithaiyaai......

2015-01-15 23:34:05 by Rajesh Kumar

AITO IGUCHI - the unstoppable 11 year old

Here's part 2 of 11 year old Aito Iguchi's dangles! Put in the work off the ice, and you will surprise yourself with how good you can get. Be present, be foc...

2015-01-14 23:59:56 by Rajesh Kumar

Kamal the great. Hear to him speak

Ulaganaayagan Kamal Haasan plays Neengalum Vellalam Oru Kodi with Prakash Raj

2015-01-13 10:33:11 by Rajesh Kumar

Police officer shot dead in Montrouge outside Paris, suspect at large

A police officer has been shot dead and a city employee critically injured following the shooting on the outskirts of Paris, according to local media . The i...

2015-01-09 01:45:20 by Rajesh Kumar

Little Girl teaching dog to Hula Hoop

Little Sierra attempts to teach her giant puppy how to hula hoop. That has to be one of the cutest lessons you'll ever see! Source & embed code: https://rumb...

2015-01-04 02:27:25 by Rajesh Kumar

Things Girls Do When They're Alone

Its awkward, Its abstract but it's True. Find out the weirdest things girls do alone...

2015-01-04 01:38:11 by Rajesh Kumar
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