North India has the foulest air in the world, says the WHO..

According to WHO, 14 of the world’s 15 cities with highest levels of PM 2.5 in 2016 were in 7 Indian states. Geography has a big role in this situation.

North India has the foulest air in the world says the

2018-05-03 12:12:13 by Irene Fatima

A beautiful view of Manali, Himachal Pradesh, North India. A beautiful view of Manali Himachal Pradesh North

2018-05-01 00:20:02 by Priyadharshini

6.9 magnitude earthquake in Myanmar; tremors felt across north India

2016-04-13 21:31:52 by Rajesh Kumar

6.2 magnitude quake rocks Pakistan, tremors felt in north India, Afghanistan and Tajikistan | The Indian Express

The US Geological Survey is reporting that a magnitude 5.9 earthquake has hit northeastern Afghanistan near the border with Pakistan and Tajikistan.

magnitude quake rocks Pakistan tremors felt in north India Afghanistan and Tajikistan  The Indian Express

2015-11-23 10:59:09 by devarajn
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He researched in India

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