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تنبيه وتحذير

_Police Questioning a Robber:_
الشرطي يسأل السارق

*Police:* How did you come to know that there was no one in the house?
كيف عرفت انه لايوجد احد في المنزل؟

*Robber:* The update of the entire family with 15 photos was available on facebook. *_"Enjoying Holidays away from home for one week_".*
السارق : هناك 15 صوره للعائلة ع الفيسبوك
" يستمتعون بإجازه لمده اسبوع بعيدا عن المنزل "

Think about this seriously.
فكروا في هذا بجديه

*_Be careful what you put on facebook._*
احذروا لما تنشرونه على الفيسبوك

Discuss this with your children & wards.
ناقشوا هذا مع اطفالكم والقُصَرَ

*_Stop sharing personal information on the social media!!!_*
اوقفوا نشر معلوماتكم الشخصيه في مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي

Don't advertise your happiness on social media.
لا تعلن عن سعادتك في مواقع التواصل الاجتماعي

Don't advertise your happy marriage On social media.
لا تعلن عن زواجك السعيد في مواقع التواصل

Don't advertise your holidays on social media.
لا تعلن عن إجازاتك في مواقع التواصل

Don't advertise your kids
achievements on social media.
لا تعلن عن إنجازات أطفالك في مواقع التواصل

Don't advertise your pregnancy on social media.
لاتعلن عن حملك بمولود في مواقع التواصل

Don't advertise your expensive buys on social media. (Car, house etc).
لا تعلن عن مشترياتك غاليه الثمن ( سياره،منزل،الخ)

‼ Don't advertise flying from airport (A) to airport (B).
لاتعلن عن سفرك من المطار( أ) الي المطار (ب)

‼ No one is going to be happy for you.
لا أحد سيُصبِح سعيدا لأجلك

‼ All the _"nice"_ comments you get are just fake.
كل التعليقات "الجميلة " التي تحصل عليها هي فقط خدعه

‼ You just attracting the evil eye on you, & your family.
انت فقط تجذب اعين الاشرار لك ولعائلتك

‼ You are just attracting jealous people into your life.
انت فقط تجذب الحُسّاد لحياتك

‼ You don't know who's saving your pictures, & checking your updates.
لاتعلم من يقوم بحفظ هذه الصور ويجمع معلومات عنك

‼ You really need to stop this, as it is going to ruin your life, family, marriage.
انت حقا في حاجه لوقف هذا ،لانه سيدمر حياتك وعائلتك وزواجك

‼ Social media is the devil's eyes, ears & mouth.
Don't fall into the devil's trap.
مواقع التواصل هي اعين واذن وفم الاشرار ، لا تقع في فخ الاشرار

May our intelligence help us, & save us from social media disaster !!!
ساعدنا الله وحفظنا من كوارث مواقع التواصل

*_Please pass it on to everyone in your contact list._* ✌
رجاء مررها لغيرك

2017-08-11 10:56:07 by SekarGV

Suhana Sayed || Singing Reality Show Contestant || A muslim girl, who was trolled On Online Medias For Singing a Hindu Devotional Song

2017-03-09 17:08:15 by Agnes Natalia

Kiran Bedi Cancels CM's Order On Ban Social Media For Govt. Officials : Puducherry

Kiran Bedi Cancels CMs Order On Ban Social Media For Officials  Puducherry

Puducherry Lieutenant Governor Kiran Bedi on Thursday declared a circular issued by Chief Minister V. Narayanasamy banning the use of social media applications such as Facebook and WhatsApp for official communication as 'null and void', stating that such an order falls in contravention of guidelines and rules and policies.

Bedi announced the decision through Twitter.

2017-01-06 10:40:41 by Harini

Spend time with your family

Spend time with your family too...

2016-09-21 18:53:38 by Sanju

முகநுால் மூலம் இளம்பெண்கள் வேட்டை

Check out why girls are hunting by social media networks in day to day life.

2016-08-03 15:36:59 by OnlineTamilNews

Sources of News From 2013-2016

Report says that in 2016 maximum news are provided through online with 73% and minimum through newspaper with only 24%.

2016-07-06 10:03:56 by darathi

Not Bad Dude

Here is a collection of “Not Bad” images and memes for free. Share and download your feelings to your lovable buddies.

2016-07-02 16:37:16 by darathi
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