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2016-05-11 18:09:25 by arul unique



2016-05-09 16:25:24 by arul unique

words to words to say.....

2016-05-05 13:02:04 by arul unique

Do not give up beginning is always the hardest

Do not give up beginning is always the hardest

2016-05-05 11:33:46 by arul unique

Only 1 min....................Enjoy reading this ❤
Please read this to the end.

My name is God. You hardly have time for me. I love you and alwys bless u. I am always with you. I need you to spend 30mns of your time with Me today. Don't pray. Just praise. Today I want this message across the world before midnight. Will you help ? Please do not cut it and I'll help you with something that you are in need of. Just dare Me ! A blessing is coming your way. Pls Drop everything & pass it on. Tomorrow will be the Best Day of your Life. Don't break this chain. Send this to your friends

Why Do we feel sleepy in Prayer,

But stay awake through a 3 hour movie?

Why are we so bored when we look at the HOLY RELIGIOUS

But find it easy to read other books?

Why is it so easy to ignore a msg about God,

Yet we forward the nasty ones?

Why are Prayers getting smaller,

But bars and clubs are expanding?

Why is it so easy to worship a celebrity,

But very difficult to engage with God?

Think about it, are you going to forward this?

Are you going to ignore it, cause you think you will get laughed at?

Forward this to all your friends.

80% of you won't forward this.

God said:
If you deny me in front of your
friends, I will deny you on the day of judgment:

When one door closes , God opens two : If God has opened doors for you,

send this message to all ur frnz....!!! true story :)

2016-04-25 18:01:19 by Sanju

An Aeroplane IsAlways Safe At Not Made For Always TakeSome Meaningful Risks In LifeTo Get Great

An Aeroplane Is
Always Safe At Ground...
It's Not Made For That...
So Always Take
Some Meaningful Risks In Life
To Get Great Achievement...

2016-04-24 20:06:03 by arul unique

Your Time Will Come

Kenya is two hours ahead of Nigeria, but it does not mean that Nigeria is slow, and it does not mean that Kenya is faster than Nigeria. Both countries are working based on their own "Time Zone."

Some one is still single..Someone got married as a virgin and 'waited' ten years before having a child, yet there is another who had had series of abortions before marriage, yet had a baby within one year after marriage.

Someone graduated at the age of 22, yet waited 5 years before securing a job; and there is another who graduated at the age of 27 and secured employment just after national service.

Joyce Meyer started her own ministry at age 41 and still alive today at 71 years old.

Someone became CEO at the age of 25 and died at the age of 50 while another became a CEO at the age of 50 and lived to 90 years.

Everyone worked based on their 'Time Zone'..
Some people have everything that work fast for them. Work in your “time zone”.

Colleagues, friends, associates, younger one(s) might "seem" to go ahead of you. Don't envy them, it's their 'Time Zone.'. Yours is coming soon. Hold on, be strong, and stay true to yourself. All things shall work together for your good.

You’re not late… you’re on time!

2016-04-24 10:43:32 by geethaa
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