AIRTEL  dial 14110 of Call 52141 and 141AIRCEL  414VODAFONE  sms CREDIT to 144IDEA  444 DOCOMO  369 BSNL  sms CREDIT to 53738RELIANCE  YCR to 51234B s n l

சென்னை மக்கள் மொபைல் பேலன்ஸ் இல்லதவர்களுக்காக

AIRTEL - dial *141*10# of Call 52141 and *141

AIRCEL - *414

VODAFONE - sms CREDIT to 144

IDEA - *444# #DOCOMO - *369# #BSNL - sms CREDIT to 53738

RELIANCE - YCR to 51234

B s n l - இன்று முதல் ஒரு வாரத்திற்க்கு பி. எஸ். என். எல் தொலைபேசி கட்டணம் கிடையாது

இவை அனைத்தும் சென்னைக்கும் மட்டும் பொருந்தும்!

2015-12-02 21:27:38 by sundu

A boy called to Airtel customer care...
Girl picked up the phone.

Girl: ..........Welcome to the Airtel Customer care

Boy: Thank you.

Gilr : How may i Help you ??

Boy:: Would you like to marry me ???

Gilr : Sir, you dialed Wrong number:-

Boy: No No, i dialed correct number only, will you marry me ?

Girl : No, i'm not interested in Marriage
Boy :Hello Madam, listen please

Girl : not interested

Boy : If you do Love marriage, then i will take to you to LONDON . Or Honkong for arrange marriage.

Girl : Hello, i'm not interested in marrying you. Then why are giving me these offers ??

Boy :Court marriage expense 10,000rs
Normal Marriage expense 2,00,000rs
Muslim style in only 2000rs

Girl : Why are you not understanding me, i'm not interested in marring you..

Boy : So, now you realised our Pain, When we are NOT interested in any plans/offers. why do you keep on calling us..

2015-02-07 09:59:01 by Sanju
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