The Journey of the National Flag of

The Journey of the National Flag of India..

2017-08-16 10:55:26 by SekarGV

Quit India Day | August 09 Quit India Day  August 09 Quit India Day  August 09 Quit India Day  August 09

2017-08-11 18:26:37 by Kurt Sherwood

Winston Churchills Argument on granting freedom to India 64 years

Winston Churchill's Argument on granting freedom to India, 64 years ago..

2017-08-09 10:43:37 by SekarGV

Common mans minimal monthly

Common man's minimal monthly budget..

2017-08-05 11:32:48 by SekarGV

USA produces around 1 lakh Engineers per year for a $ 16 Trillion Economy. India produces 15 lakhs Engineers for a $ 2 Trillion Economy.

If there are so many Engineers in india, there must be enough demand to pull them in. But it is not there. The earlier mass recruiting sector was Manufacturing. It used to recruit from the core branches like Civil, Electrical and Mechanical. But, Manufacturing is stagnant at just 17% of the GDP. So the core branch placements have become very difficult.

The new mass recruiter is the IT sector. It grew from scratch to almost 5% of the GDP in 25 yrs. IT Employed millions of engineers.

Now, IT is also coming to saturation....Only good Skilled IT Engineers are in demand..

If you look at the sectoral composition of Indian economy, most of the sector do not need engineers. Tourism is 10% of the GDP, does not require engineers. Financial sector, Trade, Hotels and Restaurants do not require engineers. Requirement in Health, Rducation, Agriculture is almost negligible.

More than 50% of the GDP has no role for Engineers. Still most of us are becoming Engineers. The current situation is not sustainable.

So the demand is less while the supply is high. Over and above this, skill level of an average engineer is poor. I say its non-existent. Leave the top 100–200 colleges. And you will find that a fresh engineer has no idea of what s/he has studied. Ask a fresh mechanical engineer, can s/he design a simple frame?

Today the situation is that most engineers are working in a field that has no connection to what they have studied in the college. This is a waste of resources.

Engineering degree does not come cheap. It costs about 10-15 lakhs. For poor parents, its a huge burden. When their son is not able to secure a job, they are devastated.

For the nation, you can calculate the loss. Leave around 1 lakh engineers that NASSCOM says are employable. The rest 14 lakhs have each wasted 10 lakhs of fees. That totals to around $ 20 Billion. Almost equal to the Government’s spending on healthcare. Over this, there is loss of human capital.

We need to replan the whole engineering education system. Cut down on the number of colleges and improve the quality in the rest.

Also students should explore other career options than everyone becoming Engineers..

So share this your relatives / parents / 12th pass students and save there lakhs of rupees being wasted...

2017-07-28 11:13:21 by SekarGV

Ram Nath Kovind 14th President of India

2017-07-21 11:29:27 by William James

India GDP

India GDP statistics..

2017-07-17 11:23:36 by SekarGV

Gopalkrishna Gandhi Nominee for Vice President of India 2017 Elections

2017-07-12 11:02:39 by Mohamed Youssef

India-China Sikkim Standoff: Latest Pictures IndiaChina Sikkim Standoff Latest Pictures IndiaChina Sikkim Standoff Latest Pictures IndiaChina Sikkim Standoff Latest Pictures IndiaChina Sikkim Standoff Latest Pictures

2017-07-10 18:29:15 by Kurt Sherwood

India Among Countries That Are Victims Of Terror, Says Donald Trump In

India Among Countries That Are Victims Of Terror Says Donald Trump In

US President Donald Trump on Sunday named India among the countries that had suffered terror, as he addressed the Arab-Islamic-US Summit. He said that countries must ensure that terror groups didn't find sanctuary on their soil.

"The nations of Europe have also endured unspeakable horror, so too have nations of Africa and South America, India, Russia, China, Australia have all been victims," Mr Trump said.

2017-05-22 10:18:54 by Sandra Collins
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