Math Percentage Calculation Easy Tip
What is 30% of 40?
Simple Trick Multiply 3 and 4 which is 12%

Try, you will be amazed
20% of 300 is 60
40% of 850 is 4 x 85 = 340 Math Percentage Calculation Easy TipWhat is 30 of 40Simple Trick Multiply 3 and 4 which is 12Try you will be amazed20 of 300 is 6040 of 850 is 4 x 85  340

2019-10-09 10:59:55 by geethaa

Lumens to Watts Conversion

Learn here how to convert Lumens to Watts based on the luminous efficacy using online calculator.

2016-05-27 11:57:27 by darathi

Million to Crore Conversion

Check out here to find the Million to Crore Conversion scale using Online Calculator.

2016-05-26 18:22:01 by darathi

How to Calculate Attendance Percentage

Check out here how to calculate attendance percentage using simple formula with examples

2016-05-10 17:08:06 by darathi

Calculation of LCM using GCD

Learn about how to calculate the LCM of two smallest positive integers using GCD in simple steps…

2016-05-09 11:03:02 by darathi

How to calculate the Complementary Angle
Get here to know how do you find the measure of complementary angle.

2016-04-20 15:04:59 by DARATHI

Calculate the Enthalpy of Vaporization
Learn here to calculate the molar heat of vaporization using Clausius Clapeyron Calculator.

2016-04-20 14:54:17 by DARATHI

Calculate the Octagonal Pyramid Volume
Get here to know how to use the formula and method to find the octagonal pyramid volume.

2016-04-20 14:51:19 by DARATHI

What is the value of (M-A) (M-B) (M-C)..... (M-Z)?

2015-12-02 16:02:53 by Vaishu

How to Find the Median | Calculate Median

Learn how to find the median of a set of numbers with simple steps.

2015-07-11 22:20:01 by Sharon
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