When Can You Donate Blood Next? - Calculate Next Donating Date

Do you want to know when you can give blood again?

* Donors 18 years and above can give blood every 12 weeks.

*Plasma and platelet donors can give as often as every 2-3 weeks.

Blood donation time calculator is designed to give the next donating date when you can give blood.

2015-01-29 16:32:31 by Vickram

The 7x11x13 Math Trick

An interesting trick to multiply a number by seven, eleven and thirteen.

2015-01-28 19:14:04 by JothiS

How much weight you have killed by walking?

Know the weight (in kgs and lbs) you have lost as a result of walking.

2015-01-27 19:35:19 by JothiS

Are You Drinking Enough Water?

Estimate the amount of water you really need to intake daily.....

2015-01-23 18:33:09 by JothiS

Body Adiposity Index (BAI) Calculator | Calculate Body Fat Percentage

BAI calculator online that helps you to calculate body adiposity index / fat percentage.

2015-01-22 11:25:08 by Vickram

How many calories are in your food?

Know how much calories are present in the food you intake daily.

2015-01-20 19:39:17 by JothiS

How to check if someone is in a Coma?

Evaluate trauma patient's neurological status using this Glasgow Coma Scale (GCS) calculator.

2015-01-20 19:31:52 by JothiS

When will you die? How much longer will you live?

Predict your death date and your total life expectancy with the death clock.

2015-01-19 19:44:32 by JothiS

Do You Have Enough Food Storage?

Check how much food do you need to survive for months and years for you and your family?

2014-12-31 19:39:19 by JothiS
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