Today I went to a supermarket and asked for NON IODIZED salt ..
the shopkeeper was surprised and said

" you are the first person who asked for NON IODIZED salt.. why do you want it ? while government spends crores of rupees advertising for IODIZED salt "..

As he was a friend of mine I explained a little bit and said point wise

1) our daily requirement of iodide is easily met with the normal diet we take of leafy vegetables milk meat etc we dont require extra iodine

2) any extra iodine is DANGEROUS for human health .. it stimulates THYROID gland leading to HYPERTHYROIDISM and after some years to HYPOTHYROIDISM due to thyroid dysfunction which is the MAJOR cause of FEMALE INFERTILITY in india..
once hypothyroidism sets in it leads to accumulation of TOXINS in our body leading to hormonal imbalance PCO uterine brest bladder cancers infertility impotency etc..

Then why is the government promoting and advertising it ? the shopkeeper asked..

I continued explanation..

3) our government is under international pressure to decrease the POPULATION and POISONING with iodine is one of the good method ..

sounds UNBELIEVABLE?? are certain facts which will make you believe ..
1) people of pakistan are very intelligent they knew its an international DEPOPULATION operation and rejected iodized salt ..
just google "pakistan IODIZED salt conspiracy" you will be surprised
2) no developed american European countries in the world poison their salt with iodine ..check it
3) india SUDDENLY developed severe iodine deficiency about 30 years back ...before that there was no iodine deficiency even thousands of years ago all were healthy think about it


4) other methods of soft kill /depopulation are
1 fluoride in toothpaste
2 chlorine in drinking municipal tap water
3 bromine in bread, mineral water ,and coke/pepsi
4 sodium benzoate and parabens as preservatives

Research by
Naresh arya

2016-04-12 10:14:37 by Sanju

Amazing Fact of the day

Amazing Fact of the day

2016-01-11 20:32:50 by Sasi

Americans also consume beef

Americans also consume beef

2015-12-18 21:58:17 by Sasi
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