Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, UAE cut diplomatic ties with Qatar for supporting terror groups

Saudi Arabia Bahrain Egypt UAE cut diplomatic ties with Qatar for supporting terror groups

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) announced today to cut off diplomatic ties with Qatar accusing the Arab country of supporting terror organisations and 'destabilising security of the region'.

An official statement by Saudi Arabia said it has discontinued all diplomatic relations and land, sea and air contacts with fellow Gulf Arab state Qatar on, saying the move was necessary to protect the kingdom from what it described as terrorism and extremism.

2017-06-05 10:29:31 by Patricia Madison

Narendra Modi to Visit Iran, Qatar and United States

Narendra Modi to Visit Iran Qatar and United States

New Delhi: Narendra Modi is highly scheduled to pay international visits for the next few weeks. Starting from June 4th, Modi will be visiting US, Iran and the Gulf state of Qatar, announced by the External Affairs Ministry on Friday. Media sources have confirmed that he will pay visit to Afghanistan before going to energy rich Qatar.

Mr. Modi will leave the country on Sunday evening to Tehran. The main aim of the visit is to sign the trilateral India-Afghanistan-Iran transit trade agreement together with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani.

2016-05-21 10:02:05 by Harini
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