Gujarat barber beaten up for ‘cutting hair of Dalits’, four booked..

"About 10 days ago, Jigar was warned by the accused persons that he should not cut hair of Dalit men. But Jigar didn’t pay heed to it. The allegation is that Jigar was attacked by the accused just for entertaining Dalits at his shop," the police said.

2018-06-26 11:02:56 by Agnes Natalia

In Akhilesh's UP, upper-caste man beheades Dalit couple over Rs 15 row..

In Akhileshs UP uppercaste man beheades Dalit couple over Rs 15

Bharat Singh and his wife were walking towards their field for their daily farm labour when a village shopkeeper, Ashok Mishra, encountered them...

2016-07-29 10:05:21 by Vaishnavi
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