Uttarkashi bus accident: 22 killed, Govt announces 2 lakh relief

Uttarkashi bus accident 22 killed Govt announces 2 lakh relief

PM Narendra Modi today announced and ex gratia of 2 lakhs from the Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund for the next of kin of those killed in the bus accident in Uttarkashi. The Prime Minister has also announced Rs 50,000 for those seriously injured. My prayers and solidarity with those who lost their loved ones in the unfortunate bus accident, PMO India tweeted. May the injured recover soon, the Prime Minister said.

At least 22 pilgrims from Madhya Pradesh were killed when their bus fell into Bhagirathi river near Nalupani yesterday while returning from Gangotri shrine in the Himalayas. The mishap occurred at around 6 pm as the bus fell 300 metres down the road into the river, Uttarkashi District Magistrate Ashish Shrivastava was quoted as saying by PTI. Rescue efforts by the SDRF, the ITBP and police personnel under the supervision of senior officials are continuing in darkness. There were around 29 pilgrims, mostly from Indore, in the bus at the time of the accident, he said.

2017-05-24 10:55:24 by Katrin Valentina

Goa Bridge Sanvordem Bridge Collapse Pictures

2017-05-19 12:14:52 by Harini

7 Killed, 30 Injured as under-construction Building Collapses in Kanpur

7 Killed 30 Injured as underconstruction Building Collapses in Kanpur

At least seven people, most of them labourers, were killed and more than 30 people were injured when an under-construction building in Kanpur’s Jajmau area collapsed yesterday, told officials.

Eight persons are trapped in the debris of the six-storey under-construction apartment building, owned by SP leader Mehtaab Aalam, were also rescued, the police official said.

2017-02-02 10:33:11 by Zhang Wei

Indore - Patna Express Derailment

2016-11-21 18:06:26 by Navinkumarr

Helpline Numbers for Indore-Patna express train derailment

Patna - 0612-2202290, 0612-2202291, 0612-2202292, 025-83288
lndore - 0741 1072
Ujjain - 0734 2560906
Ratlam - 07412 1072
Mugalsarai - 05412-251258, 05412-254145
Hajipur - 06224-272230
Jhansi - 05101072
Orai - 051621072
Kanpur - 05121072
Pokhrayan - 05113-270239

2016-11-20 10:00:14 by Rajesh Kumar

Bermuda Triangle mystery solved? Scientists claim hexagonal clouds behind the vanishing ships and planes...

Bermuda Triangle mystery solved Scientists claim hexagonal clouds behind the vanishing ships and

Bermuda triangle mystery: At least 1,000 people are reported to have lost their lives in accidents around Bermuda Triangle in the last 100 years...

2016-10-22 10:15:11 by Harshath

Top 10 Shocking Ship to Ship Collision - YouTube

Top 10 Ship Collision || Ship Collision Videos Previous Videos : Subscribe to our Channel :

Top 10 Shocking Ship to Ship Collision

2016-10-20 10:04:32 by sekar
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