Youths in Kolkata offer free hugs where couple was attacked..

After a couple was attacked in the Dum Dum metro station in Kolkata on Monday for hugging in the station, protests were sprouting in the city over the last two ...

2018-05-05 13:23:12 by Sandra Collins

Netizens furiously call out "moral policing" after Kolkata couple gets beaten up for ‘standing too close’ in metro..

The incident of some elderly men beating up a couple in Kolkata for 'standing too close' resulted in a furious deluge on social media, especially Twitter, with many calling out the hypocrisy and 'moral policing' behaviour of society.

Netizens furiously call out moral policing after Kolkata couple gets beaten up for standing too close in

2018-05-03 11:19:34 by Zhang Wei
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