PHP Multiple File Upload Script

File uploader script, uploads multiple files from directories to required folders with defined size and file type.

2015-08-24 09:50:02 by Priyadharshini

Php Server Status Script | Php Server Monitor

Php server status script monitors whether your server is online or offline.

Simple server status script enables you to check the status of your server using php.

2015-08-17 15:00:01 by Patricia Madison

Jquery Dialog Position Script

A simple jquery script which helps to position the dialog box.

Jquery Dialog Position Script
Jquery dialog position script, allows to place the dialog box in the desired position.

2015-08-16 16:30:01 by Zhang Wei

PHP Browser Detection Script

Simple php script identifies the browser name you are using in the mobile and desktop.

2015-08-12 06:30:01 by Thomas Oliver

Jquery Scrollheight Script

Jquery Scrollable Height Script, enables you to get the textarea and scroll height in a single click.

2015-07-24 10:18:24 by E jcr

Jquery Rotate Text Script

Jquery Text Rotator Script, which helps you to add a rotating text in your webpage.

2015-07-24 10:17:32 by E jcr

Employee Satisfaction Survey

Employee Satisfaction Survey is a well designed survey to find out the level of employee job satisfaction and their views about company.

2015-07-23 18:06:34 by E jcr

Jquery Zoom Animation Script

Jquery zoom animation script used to zoom image on hover.

2015-07-22 18:34:44 by E jcr

Indian Phone Number Validation

Validation of indian phone numbers using javascript.

2015-07-22 14:50:58 by E jcr

Virtual Keyboard in jQuery

Responsive virtual keyboard for your website or blog in jquery.

2015-07-21 18:28:04 by E jcr
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