Journalist faces online abuse from fans for criticising Vijay’s film Sura | The Indian Express

Dhanya Rajendran, a well-known journalist, has been at the receiving end of multitudes of abuse from Vijay’s fans on Twitter for putting out a negative remark about his film Sura. There has been no response from the actor yet on the issue. Dhanya also questioned the silence on the actor’s behalf on the issue.

Journalist faces online abuse from fans for criticising Vijays film Sura  The Indian Express


See how low people go in the name of fans (vijay fans in this case)...

A free society is where anything in public domain can be debated, opinionated without insults and abuses.

We belong to a crazy society where one can be personally abused to the lowest possible way just because they have a opinion of some film, hero, practice (religion, religious, cultural), political agenda, public service or even a tv actress...

Cool down.. debates and arguments are there just to put ones opinion for assessment and not there to push ones opinion down others throat...

Why I feel its important: We as a society can progress only when we have open minds for open debates on subjects that are of common importance or those in public domain...

A debate in itself is not an insult.....

2017-08-08 10:14:26 by Rajesh Kumar

Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge

Opinion is really the lowest form of human knowledge

2015-12-22 08:53:50 by Sasi

for tn politicians

for tn politicians

2015-10-19 09:38:27 by Naveenk218

Stunned at Tamil Nadu

- hundreds of police for a election involving just 2000 people
- whole Tamil Nadu stays fixed on a simple local body election
- this only shows how much Tamil Nadu election is influenced by Film Industry...

2015-10-18 12:40:59 by Rajesh Kumar

Opinion: Legalization Petitions in India

India should have legalization petition option as in US and UK.

If the petition reaches enough votes (like say 100,000) automatically it should be taken for debate. This should also be there in state assemblies too.

Lets say a petition for "Legalizing Marijuana for Medical use" or "Banning government run liquor shops" reaches enough votes, then it should automatically be taken up for discussion in next session of Parliament / Assembly.

This would give more power in the hands of citizens.

Give your opinions in comments.

2015-07-27 15:13:43 by Rajesh Kumar
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