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Birth Life and End Birth Life and End

2019-09-19 12:30:06 by geethaa

Three Things in Life Three Things in Life

2019-09-17 10:34:10 by geethaa

A Job is a Job A Job is a Job

2019-09-16 11:29:24 by geethaa

Life is a series of obstacles.. Life is a series of

2018-06-03 00:00:05 by Krishna Kumar

Get Your Life for

Get Your Life Back.. for Rs. 5..!

2017-08-05 11:50:58 by SekarGV

LIFE is like a Badminton Match...,.
If we wish to win, we must.....
The Game starts with
Good Morning
Have a Lovely Day

2017-07-28 10:49:36 by SekarGV

*"Our Journey Together is so Short"*

A young lady sat in a bus. At the next stop a loud and grumpy old lady came and sat by her. She squeezed into the seat and bumped her with her numerous bags.

The person sitting on the other side of the young lady got upset, asked her why she did not speak up and say something.

The young lady responded with a smile:

"It is not necessary to be rude or argue over something so insignificant, the journey together is so short. I get off at the next stop."

This response deserves to be written in golden letters:

*"It is not necessary to argue over something so insignificant, our journey together is so short"*

If each one of us realized that our time here is so short; that to darken it with quarrels, futile arguments, not forgiving others, discontentment and a fault finding attitude would be a waste of time and energy.

Did someone break your heart? *Be calm, the journey is so short.*

Did someone betray, bully, cheat or humiliate you? *Be calm, forgive, the journey is so short.*

Whatever troubles anyone brings us, let us remember that *our journey together is so short.*

No one knows the duration of this journey. No one knows when their stop will come. *Our journey together is so short.*

Let us cherish friends and family. Let us be respectful, kind and forgiving to each other. Let us be filled with gratitude and gladness.

If I have ever hurt you, I ask for your forgiveness. If you have ever hurt me, I have already forgotten about it.

After all, *Our Journey Together is Short!*

2017-06-26 11:37:00 by SekarGV

Truth of Life || Truth of Life

2017-05-04 18:09:10 by Agnes Natalia

Philosophy of Life || Think about It Philosophy of Life  Think about It

2017-03-22 11:30:01 by Harshath
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