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Husband Vs Wife Table mate Meme

Husband Vs Wife Table mate Meme

2018-01-11 10:54:24 by SekarGV

Just joke
Fun message Just joke Fun message

2017-09-14 22:40:35 by Vaishu

A Husband comes home drunk and breaks some crockery,
vomits and falls down on the floor
Wife pulls him up and cleans everything.
Next day wen he gets up he expects her to be really angry wid him
He prays that they should not have a
He finds a note near the table
"Honey..your favourite breakfast is ready on the table,
i had to leave early to buy grocery
i'll come running back to you, my love.
I love you..
He gets surprised and asks his son..,
'what happened last night..?
Son told..
When mom pulled you to bed and tried
removing your boots and shirt
you were dead drunk and you said..
"Hey Lady! Leave Me Alone..
I'm Married & i love my wife alot!!
Thats True Love.

2016-06-01 11:11:20 by Sasi

Husband and Wife Jokes

Husband and Wife Jokes

2016-04-24 21:20:11 by arul unique

Wife: Can u help me in the gardening ?
Husband: What do u think I am...a gardener ?
Wife: Can u fix the door handle ?
Husband: What do you think I am... a Carpenter ?
In the evening, when husband came from work, he saw everything has been fixed.
Husband: Who did all this ?
Wife: Our neighbour. But he gave me 2 options..... Either I should give him a burger or a kiss.
Husband: I am sure u must have given him a burger. Wife: What do u think I am.......McDonalds ?!!

2016-04-23 23:32:01 by Vinoth_805

The Great Mathematician Aryabhatta once asked his wife :
Will you let me enjoy drinks with my friend over the weekend, every month ?

Wife : What is the "Probability" of me saying "Yes" as per your calculation.

That is when Aryabhatta discovered "zero" .

2016-04-13 18:39:18 by Sanju

A man got a call from unknown number..
Girl: Hi, wish u very happy Valentine's day...are you single?
Man: Yes...Yes who are you?
Answer: Your wife!
Veetukku va vechikkiren.

( couple of hours , He gets Another call from unknown number)
Girl: Are you married?
Man: Yes, but who are you?
Girl: Your girlfriend, you fraud...you cheat.
Man: Sorry baby, I thought it was my wife..
Ans: marubadiyum un Wife dhaan da.

Veetukku vaa Setthadaa...

Enna ma ippadi pandrigale ma

2016-03-30 12:04:44 by Sanju

Ha ha ha

Ha ha ha

2016-03-26 11:21:48 by keerthana

Girls vs

Girls vs wife..

2016-03-24 10:06:38 by Sanju
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