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Tufing API is very simple and free web sharing of interesting news, hot pictures and videos. Create your most interesting time at tufing.com

Create App
- Login to create your app at tufing.com - Once after you login, click Apps to create the app.

To add your application into tufing,
- In apps page, enter your website Url and click Create App.
- It will generate an access token to use with tufing API.
- Your app will be created at tufing.com
- Now, You can easily access the tufing API with your website.
- Note : If we detect any abusive or spam content, your tufing API will be blocked immediately.

- For every 30 minutes, you are allowed to add only 30 request. Means you are allowed to post only one request in a minute.

Use the following parameters to make API request for you website.
Method : POST
URL - https://www.tufing.com/developers/generic.php
action - add_tuf
access_token - Provide the access token generated while you creating the app.
title - title or heading of the tuf (text) you are going to post.
link - Provide the website link that you want to share in tufing site.(url)
desc_main * - Give the description for your tuf. This can be text or urls or image links. * mandatory
tag - Provide the tag available in tufing.com. If you dont provide any tag, by default your tuf will be posted under General Tag. (text, Limit: 1 tag)
thumb_image - This will be the image shown at the top left corner. It will shrink the image to thumbnail size.(Limit: 1 image)
inline_image - Enable inline to show the main image inside the content. Multiple images can be added by comma seperated along with a space. For eg: {image_inline : image_url_1, image_url_2, image_url_3}. (Limit: Max 5 images)
img_data - Images that you are uploading from your drive. The image must be converted into base64_encode format.
img_name - File name of the uploading image.
video_inline - Link of your embed video alone.

Here we illustrated the usage of Tufing API with a sample tuf.

Tufing api sample

Tuf Formats
- You can format from the following
1) Text alone:
Use this field to add description, interesting news, text messages, stories in the text format.
  Parameters: desc_main, tag

2) Image with Text:
Add the image of your choice along with the description.
  Parameters: desc_main, tag(optional), inline_image

3) Video with text
Share interesting videos with the text describing the video.
  Parameters: desc_main, tag(optional), video_inline

4) Website promotions:
  Parameters: desc_main, tag(optional), title, link

5) Website promotions with Inline Image:
  Parameters: desc_main, tag(optional), title, link, inline_image

6) Website promotions with Image upload:
  Parameters: desc_main, tag(optional), title, link, img_data, img_name

7) Website promotions with Thumb Image:
  Parameters: desc_main, tag(optional), title, link, thumb_image

8) Website promotions with Embed video:
  Parameters: desc_main, tag(optional), title, link, video_inline

For any further queries or support, mail to support@tufing.com

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