Shahid Afridi seems to have a chained lion at home; concerned Netizens seethe in anger..

Given how these animals' natural habitat is the jungle, Shahid Afridi's picture of a chained lion drew flak from the Internet. Many accused him of depriving the animals of a natural habitat, and hence doing the exact opposite of what his tweet's message was about — caring for them.

Shahid Afridi seems to have a chained lion at home concerned Netizens seethe in

2018-06-11 10:21:37 by Mohamed Youssef

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie review: This Chris Pratt starrer is a film of our times..

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie review: It's a film of our times. As scientists underline that we are now into the 'Anthropocene epoch' -- or a human-influenced age, for the first time in Earth's history -- and as man plays God with nature, Fallen Kingdom does well to catch on.

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie review This Chris Pratt starrer is a film of our

2018-06-08 09:37:00 by Patricia Madison

What Facebook shared, with whom..

It has emerged that Facebook struck deals to allow over 60 smartphone makers ‘deep access’ to data on users and their friends, sometimes without their consent. How does it affect you, and what happens now?

What Facebook shared with

2018-06-08 09:36:51 by Harshath

Monsoon LIVE: Met Dept predicts very heavy rainfall in Mumbai, Goa today..

Monsoon LIVE: “As rainfall activity is likely to enhance from June 8 with further increase on June 9, people are advised to abstain from outdoor activities as much as possible," an IMD statement said.

Monsoon LIVE Met Dept predicts very heavy rainfall in Mumbai Goa

2018-06-08 09:36:36 by William James

Why are farmers angry..

Behind the agitation, stagnant income and deteriorating terms of trade for agriculture

Why are farmers

2018-06-08 09:36:33 by Priyadharshini

PHOTOS: Photos: Guatemala volcano erupts, kills 69; toll expected to rise | The Indian Express

Bodies were so thickly coated with ash that they looked like statues, and rescuers were forced to use sledgehammers to break through the roofs of houses buried in debris up to their rooflines to try to see if anyone was trapped inside.

PHOTOS Photos Guatemala volcano erupts kills 69 toll expected to rise  The Indian Express

2018-06-08 09:36:18 by Irene Fatima

Guatemala volcano explodes again, death toll reaches 72..

Guatemala's disaster agency CONRED ordered evacuations and said that hot gas and molten rock were streaming from the volcano, which produced its biggest eruption in more than four decades on Sunday, showering ash on a wide area and sending lava flows through nearby towns.

Guatemala volcano explodes again death toll reaches

2018-06-07 08:30:02 by Priyadharshini

Chennai developer reimagines the calculator, wins Apple design award..

WWDC 2018: Calzy, an elegantly designed calculator app, by Chennai-based developer Raja Vijayaram won the Apple Design Award.

Chennai developer reimagines the calculator wins Apple design

2018-06-06 11:24:13 by Vaishnavi

‘Nobody is left’: Guatemala volcano ravaged entire families..

On Tuesday, it was clear that the official death toll was sure to climb and fears spread that anyone still stuck in the buried houses was dead and would remain entombed there.

Nobody is left Guatemala volcano ravaged entire

2018-06-06 11:23:57 by Agnes Natalia

Facebook confirms data sharing with Chinese companies..

Chinese telecommunications companies have come under scrutiny from U.S. intelligence officials who argue they provide an opportunity for foreign espionage and threaten critical U.S. infrastructure, something the Chinese have consistently denied.

Facebook confirms data sharing with Chinese

2018-06-06 11:23:53 by Irene Fatima
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