Feelings of common
Feelings of common man.

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Satellite images to diviners, all in pursuit of water - The Hindu thehindu.com

Over a month ago, the State government decided to use ISRO’s satellite images to locate borewells at four taluks in three districts of north Karnataka — Indi in Vijayapura; Afzalpur and Aland in Kalab

Satellite images to diviners all in pursuit of water  The Hindu


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Interesting wedding cake design Interesting wedding cake design

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Fun tamilnadu politics images Fun tamilnadu politics images

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If people treated you like an option leave them like a

If people treated you like an option, leave them like a choice.

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love is life ..life is love love is life is love

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Super man exclusive still Super man exclusive still

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wonderful women

wonderful women

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Itharkku peyara munnetram

Itharkku peyara munnetram???

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