Funny Indians country side

Funny Indians country side

2015-08-28 22:30:01 by Saravanan

TVS 50 carrying scooter TVS 50 carrying scooter

2015-08-25 18:05:30 by Saravanan

Let's salute the pure soul
That sacrificed its life for us.
Let's tribute the strong mind
Determined to do anything for us.
Let's show our joy
For his great heart
Let's honor thy
For its valour
Let's shed tears
For its love toward our country
And finally
Let's strengthen our heart
To bid farewell to the great soul...
SALUTE TO OUR FORMER PRESIDENT Dr. Abdul kalam.. Lets salute the pure soulThat sacrificed its life for Lets tribute the strong mindDetermined to do anything for Lets show our joyFor his great heartLets honor thyFor its valourLets shed tearsFor its love toward our countryAnd finallyLets strengthen our heartTo bid farewell to the great SALUTE TO OUR FORMER PRESIDENT Abdul

2015-07-28 14:38:36 by Saravanan

Gymmukku Pona Gemini Ganesan | Kaaranam 1000 | Madras Meter - YouTube

Gyms are now becoming a common syndrome among the youth.This webisode is a hilarious take of a young chap & his gymming experiences. For more updates: Like U...

2015-07-25 14:25:27 by Saravanan

Controlling the mind Controlling the mind

2015-07-03 18:41:54 by Saravanan

A pug with pug slippers A pug with pug slippers

2015-06-26 11:01:02 by Saravanan
The Film Stage — The making of Tesseract Interstellar (2014) dir....

The Film Stage — The making of Tesseract Interstellar (2014) dir....

“The making of Tesseract Interstellar (2014) dir. Christopher Nolan” Listen to our discussion.

2015-05-27 16:13:34 by Saravanan

Image Perception Image Perception Image Perception

2015-05-07 15:58:37 by Saravanan

Award Winning Short Film - துவக்கம் - Thuvakkam - YouTube

The second venture into the world of short films by Visualsense which fetched us the award for best dialogues at SSN college - Instincts short film festival ...

2015-04-10 15:55:54 by Saravanan

Another BJP MP defends tobacco, says 'no proof smoking causes cancer' - The Times of India

Yet another BJP lawmaker has come out in defence of tobacco industry and said that smoking does not have any negative impact on health.

Another BJP MP defends tobacco says no proof smoking causes cancer  The Times of India

2015-04-04 12:33:23 by Saravanan
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