Odd-even rule back in Delhi from Monday newsreporter.in

Oddeven rule back in Delhi from Monday

The odd-even vehicle rationing scheme will be enforced in the capital for a five-day period, beginning Monday, as part of a graded response plan to tackle pollution in Delhi, the government announced on Thursday.

The scheme, which will come into effect on November 13 and continue till November 17, both days included, will be in place from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Women drivers, two-wheelers and vehicles carrying children in school uniform, in addition to VVIPs, would be exempted from its provisions, Delhi Transport Minister Kailash Gahlot said.

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Police discover body of 3-year-old Indian girl missing two weeks agao in Dallas newsreporter.in

Police discover body of 3yearold Indian girl missing two weeks agao in Dallas

Police have discovered the body of a girl child, which they say is "most likely" of a three-year-old Indian girl who went missing two weeks ago when her foster father reportedly sent her outside alone late in the night as punishment for not finishing her milk.

Sherin Mathews, who has developmental issues and limited verbal communication skills, was last seen outside her family's backyard in Richardson, Dallas on 7 October.

The Richardson Police on Sunday announced that they discovered the remains of a child in a tunnel beneath a road, expressing apprehension that it was "most likely" of Mathews. They, however, did not confirm the identity. The body was found about half a mile from Mathews' house.

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World Nature Day - October 3 World Nature Day  October 3 World Nature Day  October 3

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